About Schnitter Mordwaren

After unsuccesfull research for training blades out of aluminium, which not only look like a machete but acting like a machete (keywords weight and center of gravity), I decide to found Schnitter Mordwaren to produce blade simulators exact like that. Because of my training esspecially in Pekiti Tirsia Kali, the designs are often highly influenced by phillipino weapons. While time goes forward the model range will increase to have simulators for all types of blades – from short and nasty to big an brutal.


The blades are out of a high dense aluminium alloy with realistic weigth and with handle wrapping out of high quality 550 nylon paracord. Therefore their highly suitable for the training of the filipiono martial arts / fma and all the other blade knife systems, as well as great tools for training of self defense and all tactical martial arts, from kali / arnis / escrima, krav maga, systema, kajukenbo or master Yodas techniques of the force.

Why aluminum and why from Schnitter Mordwaren?

Aluminium, wood, rattan, rolled newspaper, foam. Thats in my opion the hirarchy of usefullness of training blades. Even if safety goes first, another criteria is much more important: respect. Respect to the blade in my hand as well as the blade in the hand of someon else is the fundament of every sensefull training. The acting with and reactions to a item in which hand ever changes with the different look and feeling of this item. A blade simulator have to imitate the feeling of a real blade and should come close to a real blade in the aspects of weight, dimensions, center of gravity (point of balance / PoB ) and visual aspects. Schnitter Mordwaren stands for exact these blade simulators.

Respect and Awareness

Practicing become more consientious, to prevent harm to as well as the training partner as to yourself. A trainer out of foam in the hand of a well trained, but ruthless and unobserving training partners is more dangerous than a sharp blade in the hand of a total beginner with respect for the power, he have with this life blade. The jump to a real confrontation with life blades is also more close when you trained with metal then just using „knifes“ out of foam. Who flows the first time with aluminium instead of wood or even foam, will see how the awakeness increases, the respect increases, the will to perfection increase.

Weight and Point of Balance

Because a real machete have some weight and a center of gravity in a specific area, it doesnt make sense to call something a blade simulator, which specifications are totally different to its role model. So it is not only a big difference between wood, rattan or foam to a blade out of steel, but also between the many types of aluminium blades to life blades out of steel. 100g or 200g or even more weight less then a life blade and a center of gravity lots of centimeters away from where it is on the real blade leads to some item out of aluminium but not to an blade simulator. This become more important, when the role model blade become longer and heavier. Schnitter Mordwaren produces blade simulators and try to come as close as possible to the role models when it comes to weight and center of gravity. This counts esspecially for the long blades.